First off, if you are looking to visit famous sites, stand in line with hundreds of others to see the Istanbul of yesterday, this is not the tour for you. You need to book the sightseeing tour with their sister company.But, if you want to see Istanbul of today and how its past and present come together in its people, its food, and its day-to-day life, then this is absolutely where you want to be.

Polat took us all over Istanbul. I lost count at around the 22nd stop. That may seem like a lot, and believe me when I signed my wife and me up, she arched an eyebrow and quietly asked, “Really?” Believe me, the tour flew by and we saw so much, tasted so much, and talked so much. And it was more than 22 stops. Each as interesting, cool, and informative as the other.
This tour takes you to conservative and liberal Istanbul, rich and poor Istanbul, business and recreation Istanbul along with seeing landmarks. I’ve never felt so connected and comfortable with a city as I was with Istanbul at the end of this tour. It made our visit to the city so complete and made me miss it the moment I got into the taxi to airport.

Polat is an exceptional guide who interacts with the locals as well as you. At times you will be out of your comfort zone, which is a good thing or you’d miss some of what makes Istanbul so special. In the end, it’s worth it.

Recommendations –
1. Eat it. Don’t think about it it. You’ll be glad you did and your friends back home will be impressed
2. Good shoes. You’re going to walk your 15k daily steps.
3. Water. You’ll need it.
4 Baklava. You’ll be so risked how many different types and how god, and sweet, it all is.
5. Ask questions! There is so much that you will be amazed to learn about whether it’s architecture, clothing style, how much sugar for your coffee and what you’d be doing for fun if you lived here.
& 6. Do the Turkish Bath. It’s timing is perfect.