Istanbul has over 900 hotels and finding the best one for your stay can be a little overwhelming. First, you need to figure out which area you want to stay. Here are few tips.

Sultanahmet & Sirkeci: If you have limited time and want to be closer to the major sites then Sultanahmet and Sirkeci are perfect for you. Accommodation in both locations are usually offered in small boutique style hotels. The key is to look for one with a roof-top so you can enjoy the views of Bosphorus and make sure to avoid standard rooms as they can be tiny… spend a little extra and go for either superior or deluxe.

Galata & Karakoy: Both locations are for those who want to avoid the tourist crowds and enjoy a little more stylish ambiance and great local restaurants. Althought Galata and Sirkeci areas are somewhat less touristy, it still takes 10 minutes taxi ride to Sultanahmet or 20 minutes walk.

Taksim: Taksim is the heart of the city, for locals. It is a major tourist and leisure district famed for its amazing restaurants, shops and hotels. If you like busy, then Taksim is absolutely for you.

We have few recommendations for each location (in no particular order).

Sultanmet & Sirkeci Area:
Recital Hotel –
Dersaadet Hotel –
Osmanhan Hotel –
Hotel Niles –
Magnaura Palace –
Neorion Hotel –

Galata & Karakoy Area:
TomTom Suites –
Karakoy Rooms –
Karakoy Vault –

Taksim Area:
Gezi Bosphorus –

Our Favorites:
TomTom Suites –
Gezi Bosphorus –
Karakoy Rooms –

Enjoy your stay in Istanbul!