Have you ever toured a city and wished you knew someone there? Someone with the inside scoop on the city; who you could trust and would show you the things you would have never seen on your own? This is how we want travelers to view CIRCLE ISTANBUL.

Circle Istanbul was created by professional guides, who are passionate about their city. More so, our tour was designed for travelers who have seen the major sights and are now ready to see the heart of the city.

If you are unsure if this traveler is you, choose A or B. Do you?

1 (A) Crave experiences
2 (A) Enjoy leisurely sidewalk strolls
3 (A) Relish in great conversation
4 (A) Expect the unexpected
5 (A) Take pride in patience and an open mind
1 (B) Want souvenirs
2 (B) Love tour buses
3 (B) Prefer audio -guides
4 (B) Rely on strict scheduling
5 (B) Feel frustrated and critical of the unfamiliar

If you answered mostly A’s than CIRCLE ISTANBUL will be a wonderful experience for you. If you answered mostly B’s then you may want to sit this one out!

With the right guidance, the REAL Istanbul, in all it’s wonderful insanity, becomes possible to grasp. Come spend your day with CIRCLE ISTANBUL, and watch the city become a cultural beehive – buzzing with local life and humming with stories.


Circle Istanbul typically runs every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday (with exceptions in April, May and September) from 8:30 am to 18:00. Your day will not run with a strict schedule, but you may expect the following.

You will:

  • explore the most unique neighborhoods on both the city’s Asian and European sides.
  • taste authentic local food all day from our favorite vendors, including lunch.
  • meet with locals at workplaces, schools and home! (subject to availability)
  • catch the rhythm of life at daily bazaars, fish markets, and city centers.
  • go on a Cruise on Bosphorus, available only March 1st to October 31st (subject to weather conditions).
  • experience a Turkish bath (hamam) after a long day in the city.
  • travel with a maximum of 10 people on the tour, and an outspoken, experienced local guide.
  • do plenty of walking (8-10 km in total) with breaks, please wear comfortable shoes!


Adults: $200 USD per person.
For children 8 to 12, please contact us for discount pricing.
Guiding (in English), food and soft drinks all day, short cruise on Bosphorus (in season), Turkish bath and transportation. Except your own personal expenses, everything else is included.