How do I know if Circle Istanbul tour is for me?
Circle Istanbul has a very unique concept. We focus on the city of NOW instead of the past. We explore neighborhoods, taste food, interact with people and witness the way of life in the city. If you are open-minded and crave new experiences this tour is for you! We also recommend to read the tour details and the reviews before signing up.

What is the difference in between the tours?
Circle Istanbul is an all day tour focusing on unique neighborhoods, food, people and the way of life in the city. Istanbul Flavours is a 5 hour food tour. Old City Tour covers only the usual historic sites in Sultanahmet.

How many people go on the tours?
Maximum number of participants for Circle Istanbul and The Old City is 10. For Istanbul Flavours, max 6.

Is Circle Istanbul for younger audience?
Not at all! Circle Istanbul is for all audiences; families with kids, young adults, 30 to 70+…

How much do we walk during the tours?
It is all depending on that particular day and the participants. However, there is usually 8-10 km walking in total, with lots of breaks during Circle Istanbul. The Old City and Istanbul Flavours are also walking tours.

I have a physical disability, should I join the tour?
We don’t recommend this tour for those with physical disabilities as it might be challenging.

Is Circle Istanbul tour suitable for children and is there a discount?
Kids love the tour as much as adults. If you have children ages 0 to 12, please email at for pricing.

I want to join the tour but my dates don't work!
Circle Istanbul runs on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Occasionally during April May and September we open additional days in the calendar. Please contact us for further details or simply check the calendar by clicking on book now buttons.

Is Circle Istanbul tour included food?
It is included everything.

Does Circle Istanbul tour cover any historic site?
Circle Istanbul tour does NOT cover any historic site, landmark, mosque, museum or church. For that, please see the Old City Tour.

How can I see the historic sites?
Very simple, join our Old City Tour which covers the major historic sites in Sultanahmet area.

Can I do Circle Istanbul and Old City on the same day?
No, those are 2 different tours and each require a full day.

Is there a discount if I join both tours?
Yes there is! If you sign up for both tours in our calendar, it will automatically give you a discount. If you have children please email at for pricing. 

I have limited time, can I only join the Old City Tour?

Where is the meeting point?
Once you sign up for the tour(s), we will email you the instructions including the meeting point details. 

How do I book?
You can click on the Book Now button on each tour page and select your date on the calendar.